Amazon Video Game Trade In

Trade in your old video games with Amazon. 

Gamer Buzz is an Amazon Affiliate: (Amazon Video Game Trade-In Program) The Amazon Trade-In program allows customers to receive an Amazon Gift Card in exchange for hundreds of thousands of eligible items including phones, electronics, video games, books, DVDs, and CDs. No required registration or listing.

How long will it take to receive payment once I trade in my item? Depending on your location, trade-in submissions may take up to 10 business days to arrive before your submission is processed. The packages you sent can be tracked anytime in Your Trade-in Account. Once your item is received and verified, you’ll receive an e-mail notification within 2 business days informing you whether your items were accepted or rejected. You can find the status of your trade-in anytime in Your Trade-in Account. Once your trade-in has been paid, you’ll see the amount when viewing your gift card balance.

What condition do my items need to be in? In general, all items must be in at least acceptable condition and the item you wish to trade in must match the exact version displayed in the Trade-In search results or on the product page on You can find the full condition descriptions by visiting our Eligible Products and Condition Criteria page.

Note: This content was taken from the following link on (Trade-In Help)

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