The Future of Brawlhalla

Do you remember what it was like (or maybe you still do it) to be sitting home with your friends getting your “Smash bros” on? I had the opp...[Read More]

Tobii Eye Tracker: Kill Robots With Your Eyes

Tobii is a technology that allows computers to understand what you are looking at by using an eye tracker. With it, you can complement keybo...[Read More]

Top Male YouTubers & Twitch Streamers (2017)

Ok so just over a year ago I hit you all with a small list of the top FEMALE YouTubers and Twitch stars (Small List of the Best Female Strea...[Read More]

H1Z1 vs DAYZ: Which game do I choose?

Survival of the illest? With the Steam Summer Sale coming to a close and the promise of console action from E3, you’re probably wonder...[Read More]

Overwatch vs. Battleborn: How Did You Decide?

Battleborn and Overwatch look and feel very similar, while the game mechanics and technical abilities of each hero/champion differ between t...[Read More]

Metrico+ Is The First Infographic Action Game

Attention all brainiacs: there’s a new indie game you’ll want to check out called Metrico+; it’s being described as an “in...[Read More]

Six Flags turns Magic Mountain into VR Video Game Coaster

It looks like virtual reality roller coasters will be taking over theme parks this summer. Six Flags has transformed one their oldest rides ...[Read More]

Texas Fire-Arm Company Creates NES Zapper from Duck Hunt

(Update: The Facebook post has been deleted) Texas based firearms maker, Precision Firearms LLC, drew criticism this week when they posted a...[Read More]

Intel and ESL collaborate with AnyKey: Diversity in eSports

ESL, is doing everything in the power to make everyone feel safe and welcome at their events, in order to make that possible, the company, i...[Read More]

Pirated Games May Gone in 2 Years: New Titles Safe?

Denuvo, which is a Chinese anti-piracy/tampering technology, has taken on the role of ending pirated games for a spectrum of systems – they ...[Read More]

14 Video Game Documentaries every Gamer needs to watch

Video game documentaries and chill? Sorry guys, but you actually may want to watch these. Bust out that popcorn and soda because here’...[Read More]

Small List of the Best Female Streamers & YouTubers

Move on over fellas because the ladies are in the building! Whoa, wait…women play video games? Well unless you guys have been hiding u...[Read More]

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