How I Chose between PS4 and Xbox 1

BJamer gives us DETAILED account of how she was able to choose between PS4 and Xbox 1, having a hard time deciding between the two consoles? She will help!

How I Chose between PS4 and Xbox 1

Gamers that know me, have heard all my war-stories of trying to keep up with the evolution of gaming consoles and my need to have all of them. Yes…I said ‘need’ – not ‘desire’. And since it was due to personal challenges, I’m going to let you ponder the ‘why does someone need ALL of them’ on your own, so I can keep my private shee-ot private. However, as I grew alongside the gaming industry, I acquired a ton of experience with them all. The good. The bad. The expensive.  Here is how I chose between PS4 and Xbox1.


A couple years ago, I realized that my old consoles and games were taking over my gaming room and I wasn’t playing them anymore. I sold them to some Twitter peeps and learned that my ‘ton of experience’ was now called ‘Retro Gaming’. Ha-ha-ha…no. Never ask a woman her age.xboxvsps4

My Intro to First Person Shooting

After the cleanout, I was left with 2 PS3’s and a Xbox 360. I was introduced to FPS – only since Black Ops 1 came out. I already owned every COD game for my family to play. My thing, up until then, was Action & Adventure and Racing games. I developed an immediate crush on Black Ops and Red Dead Redemption and found myself buying the game and all the dlc’s for BOTH consoles. Cost can vary with/without Season Pass, but it’s basically $110 – $120 investment into the game. $220 – $240 for us cray-cray gamers that buy it for both consoles.


I remember when gamers chatted all year long about what year/month the next Bandicoot, Spyro, etc., game was going to come out and 100% completion was the norm, because you didn’t have a million choices. Games were like $20 bucks and you waited with baited-breath for the gaming Gods to drop a new one out of the sky.

Now that consoles and the games cost as much as a new wardrobe; you feel the need to buy the ‘latest game‘ like the lastest style and there are now hundreds of games/styles to choose from monthly…you have to budget somewhere. So will I get both…PS4 & Xbox 1? Jury is out.



I spent countless hours looking at the tech specs on both. Since there are tons of articles on that, I won’t go into it here. Bottom line was…they are both technically glamorous. So how did I and how do YOU choose? I say, go with what games you play and which console community you enjoy. And if you are a Windows user, there are some bonuses there too.


PlayStation (PS4): Up until a few months ago, I was going to get the PS4. I had many gamerpals over there and the MP community is hands-down more friendly…especially to girl-gamers. In fact, that is where I was tutored in Blops by my dear, gracious gamerpals – @LethalFrag, BlackOpsButcher (aka @AttackOfTheAfro) and @Rejavaki.


Xbox 360 (X1): I found the MP scene to be often cruel, but I made a list of my all-time favorite games and found that either they were Xbox exclusives, or I could play them on both consoles. All-time favs: Kingdoms of Amalur, Sims 3, COD, RDR, Burnout Paradise, Space Marine and Forza.

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A few months ago, a girlgamerpal, WaiGaye, introduced me to the Gears Of War franchise over on Xbox and I developed an immediate crush. Obsession, really. I found the Gears community defied the MP norm for Xbox and I made some amazing friends. It was added to the list of favs above.


I was still pondering though…So what cinched it? Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition console bundle. You get a beautiful re-imagined version of Gears 1 and you get included in the Gears 4 beta. Xbox is also rolling out ‘backwards compatibility‘ for a select number of games – with Gears (through Judgement) being the first priority. It is/was $50 less, but doesn’t include a headset.

A lot gamers were forum-bitching about that, but I use Turtle Beach (both wired and wireless), so it didn’t bother me.

2012-12-25blackopsxmasAnd the final bonus is that I am a Windows user. Between the free cloud; Xbox Smartglass for smartphones and the integrated communications between devices…I can check-in before sitting; chat/text while playing and upload/view my cloud like a mult-tasking monkey! I often host lobbies, because I have an insane connection. Nothing is more annoying than when the host constantly pauses your game to message. I don’t need to.

When making YOUR decision, don’t focus on buying the best tech. Look at the tech. Set it aside. Then spend a week noticing your play. Base your choice on that. We can’t brag anymore that we have the ‘latest and greatest’, because that will be obsolete in a minute. Brag on your skills and buy the tools that keep making those skills legendary.

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