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Dodging Through Superhot VR: Review

Get your Matrix on.

Dodging Through Superhot VR: Review

Dance like nobody’s watching. That’s what they say. So, I danced my way right on through Superhot VR. Sounds a bit weird, right? But that’s exactly what I took away from my time with Superhot VR. If you don’t know already, Superhot is a first person shooter where time only moves when you do. Let me expand on that a bit. If you do nothing but stand still, nothing happens. But the moment you start moving, the action soon follows. It has been compared many times to the matrix sequence where neo is dodging all the bullets with his super slo-mo perception. You will be ducking, dodging and diving out of the way of incoming rounds, at the same time you are picking up pistols and throwing ashtrays at enemies. (VIDEO BELOW)

The chosen art style works flawlessly on the Vive. The contrasting ruby red enemies on the stark white backgrounds was a pleasure to the eye. Add to that the all black weapons and interactive objects. This looks like what people in the 90’s imagined VR to look like. So what we didn’t get hoverboards, we still got VR. This game seriously plays more like a puzzle game than a shooter.

At one point, I was faced with two enemies charging at me with knives while I was unarmed. While turning around and screaming bloody murder was not a viable option, I had to precisely time my hands to be in the exact position at the exact time I could grab the knife. I died quite a lot. Like Dark Souls meets Hotline Miami a lot. Superhot VR Review (VIDEO)

That’s when it hit me like a sack of manure. Dance. Dance like my life depended on it. When I broke the game down into what enemies would be where, I could plan my attacks better. I learned pretty quickly where every enemy would be coming at me from dying time after time. So, I started turning the levels into dances. Now don’t get me wrong, even as I type that it sounds ridiculous. But when I had that helmet strapped on, I wasn’t in swan lake, I was Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. I was The Transporter in The Transporter. I was Jackie Chan in anything Jackie Chan did and will do. So dance away my friends. Dance like nobody’s watching.


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