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Welcome to the Vainglory hub, if you love MOBA games you will love this app from Super Evil Mega Corp. Vainglory is the best Mobile MOBA available tod...[Read More]


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Clash of Clans

We love Clash of Clans at Gamer Buzz, this page is a hub for the latest news for COC. We will also featured the best Clash of Clans streamers and YouT...[Read More]

Fighting Games

Welcome to the Fighting hub, this section contains the latest news for your favorite fighting game. If it kicks, punches or slashes we try and cover i...[Read More]

Virtual Reality Games

Welcome to the Virtual Reality hub, everyone is really excited about the growing popularity of VR gaming. This technology could cause a huge shift in ...[Read More]

Racing Games

Welcome to the Racing hub, sometimes shooting at things and collecting chest isn't enough. You need to go fast, really fast. Park in the racing hub fo...[Read More]


Welcome to the Sports hub, this section contains the latest news about your favorite sports game like Madden, FIFA, NBA2K, UFC and even Rocket League....[Read More]

Speed Runs

Welcome to the Racing hub, this section contains the latest news about your favorite Speed runs like Super Mario 64, Metal Gear, Portal and of course ...[Read More]

Video Game Streaming

Welcome to the Streaming hub, this section will provide news and tips for video game streamers (Twitch & YouTube). Discover amazing Twitch streame...[Read More]

Tech & Science

Welcome to the Hacking and Technology hub, in this section we will cover technology and science as it relates to video games and gamer culture.

Mobile Games & Apps

Welcome to the Mobile Games & Apps hub, this section will cover news and awesome information related to Mobile apps. If you have an app that you t...[Read More]

Simulation Games

Welcome to the Simulation hub.

Strategy & Puzzle

Welcome to the Strategy & Puzzle hub. This section will provide you with news related to Strategy games likes Starcraft, Civilization and more. Yo...[Read More]

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