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Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Cloning around in the garage. Every time I strap into VR, I know I’m in for a treat. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality is proof of that. As soon as I start the game, I am instantly transported into the living room you see so many times on the show. After a few minutes just aimlessly mucking about with all the objects I could grab at, I figure out how to start the game. Now I know this sounds like something that would frustrate the crap out of me in a non VR game. Just imagine clicking useless buttons that do nothing other than look pretty until you finally find the start game one. But in VR, it’s more fun than you would think. You can watch Rick and Morty VR game-play below.

Rick and Morty VR 

First thing I see is the lab coat clad Rick standing before me. Morty is here too! I am in the garage workshop! OK, he’s talking to me. Time to listen up. After Rick explains to me that he made me a clone of Morty, I am requested to do the laundry. So, the first thing I do in this game is wash out some filthy undies. Wonderful. I get the run down on teleporting around the garage. Now I have some movement freedom. The garage is essentially split into three separate reachable quadrants that you teleport into. This makes the way you can move around in the space super immersive. If you have even a medium sized room scale setup, it makes it feel three times larger just in the garage alone. That’s not even counting the locations you get teleported to. I never felt constricted in my play space and it was rare that the boundary warnings came up. This was a huge part of the game that impressed me. I really got the feeling that I was there. I was in their world interacting with all the crazy things I could find.

Gameplay: Rick and Morty VR

That’s the point. To be in a world other than the one we occupy in everyday life. There is plenty here for fans of the series to pick up and interact with. My favorite was a little treat you find in the toilet. You will play minigames, find weird devices, and combine carrots with hammers. There is a kind of story here with Rick and Morty off on an adventure while you play support in the garage. It took me just over two hours logged on steam to finish it, so it’s not super long. Most of the complaining reviews highlight this point, but I don’t think that aspect is as bad as everyone makes it out to be. We are only a year into commercial VR and this is a shining example of how clever game design and great writing can provide an interactive art experience unlike any other.

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