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The Future of Brawlhalla

Devs talks on the future of Brawlhalla

The Future of Brawlhalla

Do you remember what it was like (or maybe you still do it) to be sitting home with your friends getting your “Smash bros” on? I had the opportunity this PAX East weekend to check out Brawlhalla by Blue Mammoth Games and I must say, I am a little embarrassed to say that it was my first time checking out this game. Brawlhalla is a 2D platform fighting brawler game. It brought back all the feels I remember growing up…on CRACK!

Oh, and did I mention it is free-to play (that’s right folks)?

It is the cosmetics of the game that help support the free-to -play mindset. I really enjoyed checking out the customization, which gives you the opportunity to change your style of play as the game goes on! But with free-to-play comes all the love. They support the game continuously by putting out a new character every 5-6 weeks, and weapons usually around every 6 months. Recently, they have been focused on putting new game modes. They explained it almost as if it is terrifying if you don’t listen to your fan base. Because if you don’t then it doesn’t work. They credit they’re streaming as an excellent way to get instant community feedback. You can check them out at Without giving too much away about the game if you haven’t played it, I will throw out a couple bullet points:

  • Your skill determines if you win
  • Each legend has a unique combination of two weapons
  • Weapon attacks are unique with each legend
  • Each legend has a selection of character-specific signature attacks
  • They did a lot to make sure the UI is simple (e.g. your damage meter is up in corner BUT when you hit someone they flash the color damage they are).
  • It is totally BADASS

And finally – Tournaments? Last year in November the winner won $50k! They held regionals in the areas of their servers. The winners of each regional were personally flown up just to guarantee them a spot. So, can we expect to see a growth in the Esports community? YES! They are already doubled down ($100k) for this year’s tourney. Maybe I should start practicing…Kappa. Brawhalla is currently available on Steam and a PS4 date is TBD. 

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