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Alcohol is often involved. She had just arrived on campus for her freshman year in A month later, according to trial testimony, he raped another woman at the fraternity house. In interviews, the woman told the Center for Public Integrity that other alleged victims of the same man came forward after she began speaking out at rallies against rape and sexual violence. The tape became a key piece of evidence that helped put Yarbrough in prison. Kristin Jones, staff writer for the Center for Public Integrity, contributed to this story. For one, they were white women who drunkenly had sex with a black man and may have regretted it the morning after.

Yarbrough is one of six alleged serial offenders at colleges across the country the Center for Public Integrity found during its year-long investigation of sexual assault on college campuses. He also questioned why prosecutors only tried him on a single charge — assaulting the foreign exchange student.

We asked leaders across industries to share their experiences as black women in austin and how the city can be more supportive of its black community.

College Station, Texas, is still an overwhelmingly white town, and at least one of the women testified her parents had forbidden her from dating Yarbrough because of his race. The of serial offenders did not surprise psychologist David Lisak, a University of Massachusetts-Boston expert on campus sexual assault. At Ferguson Unit, Yarbrough is now inmate No. He rises by each morning and is at work in the prison kitchen by 7 a. When they drew up the arrest warrant for Yarbrough, they suspected him of only one assault. Records show investigators there were working the case, and considered Yarbrough a suspect ,when he was arrested two months later on the charge of assaulting the foreign exchange student.

They had sex once during her college freshman year while she was drunk. The Air Force cancelled its offer to commission him as an officer. In Ohio, a woman known publicly only as Jane Doe, who settled a lawsuit with Ohio State University inalleged in court records that the male student who raped her in her dorm had raped another female student less than three weeks earlier.

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The following year, Russell recounted, she learned her alleged assailant was accused of raping another woman. She passed out, she would later testify, and when she came to, she found him assaulting her. She told jurors that on another occasion, one night before playing drinking games together in his dorm over the Thanksgiving break, she said she told him she did not want to have sex with him.

Brandy Norris, the lead investigator on the case for College Station police. And this case was different in that regard — frankly, one, because the night that it happened was the night that she called police. The exchange student testified she woke up to find him on top of her, having sex with her. But he says he never forced anyone to have sex, and says the four women with whom he admits to having sex were willing participants. She screamed and demanded he leave, and he did. And news of his arrest would lead three other women to testify that Yarbrough had assaulted them prior to the foreign exchange student.

However, students who reported being raped by fellow students told the Center of at least five other men whom they suspected of, or had heard of, assaulting other women. By a. He pleaded guilty in a plea bargain to misdemeanor assault. Another woman who would testify against Yarbrough was a high school pal of one of his friends.

It is what is. I know that I should have gone forward — regardless of if he was my friend or not, no means no. Neither of those women responded to messages requesting interviews for this story.

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Why would you do that? Likewise, all five women testified the assaults occurred after they had been drinking heavily, which blurred their memories. Introduction Elton Yarbrough is serving an 18 year sentence in the Ferguson Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, shown above in Januaryafter he was convicted of sexual assault in Notify of.

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Russell has described additional alleged victims of the same man identifying themselves to her after she went public with her description of how the university offered her little support and shrouded the campus judicial process in secrecy. A European foreign exchange student, the first woman to accuse Yarbrough by name, had been a friend of a friend of his. One in five college women will become the victim of a rape or an attempted rape by the time she graduates, according to a study funded by the Justice Department.

Despite that welcoming culture, sexual violence does occur. Jane Doe settled in for an undisclosed amount of money under a confidentiality agreement.

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As for why they might lie about it, he has some theories, he said. Kristen Lombardi. The six were accused of assaulting multiple women in court records, campus records or other public documents.

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Prosecutors held on to the charge regarding the assault of the restaurant co-worker and would have sought to try Yarbrough on it if he had won a new trial during his recent appeal, said Danny Smith, the assistant district attorney who prosecuted the case. The public record does not address how the university dealt with the other women once they came forward.

Yarbrough disagreed. His family has stood by him, including his mother, a veteran guard supervisor at another Texas prison.

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But back then I was I was young and dumb, I guess. The majority of rapes are never reported to law enforcement, Lisak and Miller wrote.

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He was indicted on a charge of assaulting the restaurant co-worker but was never tried on it, and he was never charged criminally with assaulting any of the other three women. The woman whose underwear went missing did call police in neighboring Bryan, Texas, where the fraternity house is located. Show Comments. Once those women came forward, the university eventually became aware of two other women who said they had been assaulted by him.


Jennifer Peebles. Meanwhile, she told only three people about what happened. Jurors deliberated less than two hours before returning a guilty verdict. By the time it was over, there would be a total of five women, all testifying they were assaulted by Yarbrough in the same circumstances: After drinking heavily, each said she passed out or fell asleep and woke to find Yarbrough having sex with her or touching her sexually. Jennifer Peebles is a deputy editor for Texas Watchdog. The foreign exchange student spoke to the Center for Public Integrity on background only, confirming much of what is in the public record.

She woke up, she said, to find a dark-skinned man having sex with her. Police and prosecutors in the middle-sized city of College Station, Texas, charged Yarbrough, put him on trial, and convinced a jury to sentence him to 18 years in prison, of which he must serve at least nine. And the system, he said, is just more inclined to believe the girl, and not the guy.

Yarbrough says the allegations against him are untrue. Within College Station TX women dating black man of his arrest on Dec. After turning himself in on Dec. According to police recordsYarbrough described to the panel in detail fondling and penetrating the woman with his penis but said the sexual contact was consensual. Often time where we see things is days, if not weeks, later. Research by Lisak, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, showed that 58 percent of male college students who admitted in a survey to actions that amounted to rape or attempted rape also reported having multiple victims.

Court records show the jury asked the judge for, and received, a compact disc player so they could re-hear the audio recording of the phone conversation between Yarbrough and the exchange student. It was my fault. He was allowed to directly question the womanwho was participating via conference call from overseas, and Yarbrough recalled one administrator objecting to the detailed nature of the questions he posed to her.

Fallen Aggies are remembered each year at an event called the Aggie Muster that is observed around the world by groups of former students. Kristen Lombardi is a staff writer for the Center for Public Integrity. Her roommate calledand at the prompting of police, she called Yarbrough two days later and confronted her assailant on the phone — while police recorded the conversation. Yarbrough says he is innocent. He was sentenced to 18 years, of which he will have to serve at least nine. Inline Feedbacks.

His childhood friend from Palestine had transferred to another university by then; aside from telling three friends and the student health center nurses, she kept the secret from even her parents. He recalled one having participated in foreplay before intercourse, and another came into his bedroom and initiated sex with him, he said. Speaking with a reporter in the drafty prison interview room, he says he had consensual sex with four of the five women.

Part of it was, we actually had his own words. The fifth, and last, woman to accuse him said she was raped after Yarbrough was charged with assault and was out of jail on bail. So the vast majority of these rapists never face a trial.

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For the second complaint, he was found responsible, but that finding was overturned after he appealed. He was then charged criminally with rape stemming from her allegations. Air Force.

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Interviews with student victims and reviews of records in select cases identified alleged repeat offenders at Indiana University, Towson University, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Had you planned it, or was it just something that came to you spontaneously? Sorry for making you feel that way. I was out cold. And those serial rapists committed 91 percent of the rapes reported by the survey group.

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