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It shall not be necessary that the City Manager be a resident of the City at the time of his or her appointment. The Council shall determine which officers and employees shall be bonded for the faithful performance of their official duties and fix the amounts of such bonds. Every officer shall take and subscribe to the Constitutional oath of office before entering upon the performance of his or her official duties.

The Mayor shall serve for a term of two years or until a successor is chosen, unless earlier removed by the Council. Each district representative, at the time of appointment and during his or her service as such, shall be, and remain a resident of the district he or she is appointed to represent. The members of the Council shall hold office for four years and until their successors are elected and qualified. No person shall be eligible to hold office as a member of the Council, unless he or she is a registered voter of the City at the time the person's nomination papers are issued and is, at the time of assuming office, an elector of the City.

The Mayor and Vice-Mayor shall hold their respective offices subject to the pleasure of the Council. The enacting clause of all ordinances shall be as follows: "The people of the City of Santa Rosa do enact as follows.

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Meetings of the Council. The powers and duties of the City Manager shall be as follows:. Such audits shall be made by a certified ing firm selected by the Council which has no financial interest, direct or indirect, in the fiscal matters of the City's government or any of its officers.

Domestic violence and civil injunctions

Official Bonds. The City Attorney shall be legal advisor of the Council and all other City officials. The Council shall meet on the Tuesday next succeeding each general municipal election and the day the returns thereof are certified to the City by the Registrar of Voters, or other authorized election official, and shall approve and certify the of the election and declare elected those Council candidates receiving the highest of votes for the available offices. A Council member may not serve consecutive terms as Mayor.

The City Attorney shall attend all meetings of the Council unless excused therefrom by the Council or the Mayor. Oath of Office. The affirmative vote of a majority of the total membership of the Council shall be necessary to adopt any ordinance or resolution and for the Council to approve or settle a claim against the City, which vote shall be taken by ayes and nays and entered upon the record.

The Council shall provide for an independent annual audit of all City s and may provide for more frequent audits as it deems necessary. The representatives of each district shall advise the Council regarding city matters, including 1 public safety issues; 2 participation in neighborhood planning meetings within the district; and 3 CIP budget priorities for their district. The report shall contain, but is not limited to, the total of appointments in a given year, the total of applications in a given year, and relevant diversity information including geographic and ethnic diversity.

The Commission shall be composed of the representatives of seven to fourteen districts, whose boundaries shall be established by the Council. Notwithstanding the above, any ordinance declared by the Council to be necessary as an urgency measure for preserving the public peace, health, or safety and containing the reasons for its urgency, may be introduced and passed at one and the same meeting and, if passed by a five-sevenths vote, shall become effective immediately.

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The Council shall establish each year an allocation for public improvements within each district which the district representatives, after a noticed public hearing, shall determine how to expend, subject to Council approval. The Council may act, by ordinance, to provide compensation to each of its members in an amount authorized by State law for the compensation of council members in general law cities of comparable size; provided, however, that the Mayor, while holding that office, shall receive compensation in an amount equal to one hundred and fifty percent of the compensation received by another council member.

The terms of the Council member shall alternate so that three members or four members, as the case may be, shall be elected every two years. The City Council shall issue a written report annually that will be discussed in public session regarding its appointments to boards, commissions and committees. This Charter shall be reviewed in the year and not less than every ten years thereafter by a committee to be appointed by Council in accordance with Section 11 a and existing Council Policies on the appointment of Boards, Commissions and Committees.

The Council shall adopt a resolution within one year of the adoption by the electorate dating a Santa Rosa laws this provision that sets forth the boundaries of districts and the responsibilities, length of term, manner of appointment, and of the district representatives. A majority of the Council shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business, but a less may adjourn from time to time and compel the attendance of absent members in such manner and under such penalties as may be prescribed by ordinance.

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This process shall be phased in by the council within two years of adoption by the electorate of this provision. Boards and commissions dealing with issues of interest to the general public shall commence public hearings, whenever practicable, no earlier than 5 p. The publication requirement of this section may be satisfied by either the publication of a summary of the ordinance and a posting of the ordinance or the publication of display advertisements and posting of the ordinance as provided in the provisions of the Government Code relating to the satisfaction of ordinance publication requirements for general law cities.

The municipal corporation now existing and known as the City of Santa Rosa remains and continues to be a body politic and corporate as at present, in name, in fact, and in law.

City charter

There shall be a City Clerk appointed by the City Manager. The elective officers of the City shall be the members of the Council. The legislative body of the City shall consist of seven persons elected at large to be known as the Council. Further, the report will evaluate the progress and success of increasing the diversity of appointments. There shall be no limitation on the of consecutive terms a Council member or Vice-Mayor may serve.

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All ordinances shall be ed by the Mayor, attested by the City Clerk, and be published at least once in a newspaper of general circulation before becoming effective. The City Clerk shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the Council and shall maintain in properly indexed books, the originals of all ordinances and resolutions adopted by the Council.

All proposed ordinances introduced in the Council shall be in printed or typewritten form. The Council, at the time it selects a Mayor and during each November in odd ed years, shall choose one of its as Vice-Mayor, who shall serve as Mayor Pro Tem in the absence, sickness or other disability of the Mayor.

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The City Clerk shall have power to administer oaths and affirmations, take affidavits and certify to the same, and shall have charge of the City's Seal. The Mayor shall be the executive head of the City. Charter Review. The audit shall be conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. City Manager. All other things being equal, an attorney who has had special training or experience in municipal corporation law shall be appointed to this office if practicable.

The Council.

The Council shall adopt rules for conducting its meetings. The new Council members shall then be inducted into office, whereupon the Council as thus newly constituted shall choose one of their Mayor who shall be the executive head of the City. The City Attorney shall be an attorney-at-law admitted by the bar of the Supreme Court of this state, and one who has been dating a Santa Rosa laws actual practice in the state for at least three years preceding.

City Clerk. The Mayor shall have the power and authority:. Staff for City Council. City Attorney. The boundaries of the City of Santa Rosa are those established on the effective date of this section and as the same may thereafter be altered from time to time in accordance with the provisions of state law. The City Attorney shall prosecute all violators of City ordinances and represent the City in all legal proceedings.

If a Mayor fails to complete a full term, the Council member elected to fill out the remainder of the unexpired term shall not be barred from serving a consecutive term as Mayor thereafter if the remaining term filled was one year or less. In case of a tie vote of the electorate, the person elected shall be decided by lot.

The City Manager may not serve as the City Clerk. The Council may authorize the retention of independent staff to assist the Council and to serve at the will of the Council. Any board or commission with less than seven members shall be increased to seven. The Vice-Mayor shall serve for a term of one year or until a successor is chosen, unless earlier removed by the Council.

Independent Auditor. Terms shall coincide with the term of the appointing council member.

There shall be a City Manager appointed by the Council who shall be the administrative head of the City government. A new council member may replace appointments in the event one is selected to serve out the unexpired term of a council member. Powers of the City. The City Clerk shall act as the City's election official and shall have such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Council.

In case of riot, insurrection or extraordinary emergencies the Mayor shall assume general control of the City's government and all of its branches, and shall be responsible for the suppression of disorders and the restoration of normal conditions. Further, the Council shall undertake all reasonable methods to ensure that its appointments to boards, commissions and committees reflect Santa Rosa's diversity, including geographic and ethnic diversity.

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No member of the Council shall be eligible for any office in, or employment by the City, for compensation, other than the elective office of Council member, during his or her term of office and for one year after the termination of his or her office. At the Council meeting at which any Council member is installed following any general or special municipal election, and at any time when there is a vacancy in the office of Mayor, the City Council shall meet and shall elect one of its members as its presiding officer, who shall have the title of Mayor.

Gallaher v. city of santa rosa

There shall be a City Attorney appointed by the Council. The City, by and through its Council and other officials, shall have and may exercise all powers necessary or appropriate to a municipal corporation and the general welfare of its inhabitants which are not prohibited by the Constitution and which it would be competent for this charter to set forth particularly or specifically, and the specifications herein of any particular powers shall not be held to be exclusive or any limitation of this general grant of powers.

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A proposed ordinance may be amended or modified between the time of its introduction and the time of its final passage, providing its general scope and original purpose are retained. The City Attorney shall draft all ordinances, resolutions, contracts or other legal documents or proceedings required by the Council or other officials, except as may be otherwise provided. The Mayor shall all ordinances and resolutions and, as authorized and directed by the Council, other legal instruments on behalf of the City.

The regular meetings of the Council shall be held on Tuesdays and shall be held not less than twice each month.