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Most of the research on entrepreneurship in emerging economies has concentrated on Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union's republics and satellite countries see Ramadani et al. This includes discrimination in hiring and layoffs as firms try to reduce costs; urban women being the first to be unemployed and often pushed into the traditional role of housewife; and resurfaced traditional attitudes towards women as inferior that exclude them from male networks and power structures, leaving them at lower-level positions Korabik, ; Tan, The light industrial jobs and service positions that were occupied largely by women during communism are now going to men Tan, Overall, women have had to bear more of the costs of adjustment to the economy Summerfield, Since the transition to a market economy, institutional barriers to launching and growing a business in China persist.

Following this reasoning, we hypothesize: H1: For Chinese women entrepreneurs, achieving work-family balance will be positively related to firm performance. Personal traits were not a ificant negative determinant of entrepreneurship, while having a large social network increased the probability for women to become entrepreneurs Yueh, Yu found that women entrepreneurs have smaller families and work longer hours in business than their male counterparts.

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Work-family conflict is one of them, as it is often a hindrance to successful female entrepreneurship. Habbershon, Williams, and MacMillan find that businesses and individual family members interact to generate idiosyncratic precursors to firm performance. The 27 questions were translated into Chinese using the back-translation procedure by Earley and three questions regarding family business were added.

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Noguera et al. Our main findings indicate that the level of work-family balance and marketing capabilities are both highly relevant factors, positively related to the performance of women-owned firms in China. We structure our article as follows.

Only one-third Of those business owners, Then, we present the rationale for considering the work-family balance and marketing capabilities as important factors related to firm performance. The current study is an attempt in this direction. A self-administered questionnaire adapted from Hisrich, Bowser, and Smarsh was utilized.

Small businesses across various countries tend to exhibit family involvement through providing support. Emerging economy firms use market expansion, both domestically and internationally, as a springboard to acquire assets needed to compete more effectively Bianchi, Ability to manage marketing activities has been mentioned as one of the factors that drive the success of women entrepreneurs in Albania Ramadani, Kimosop et al. Ramadani et al. The drivers of entrepreneurship in China are yet to be well understood Yueh, However, China's transformation has far-reaching gender-differentiated implications, where the resulting benefits of the movement from an economy closed to foreign investment to an open and global one are uneven for men and women, favoring men Berik et al.

Given the importance of context Hughes et al.

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First, we describe the research context of the emerging economy of China. Table 1 shows the profile of the respondents. Pistrui, Huang, Oksoy, Jing, and Welsch conclude that Chinese businesses led by women are unique and worthy of more study as they are microcosms within themselves. Social capital derived from a woman's family capital can be especially important in developing countries, such as China Cetindamar et al. Therefore, we hypothesize: H2: For Chinese women entrepreneurs, the level of marketing capabilities will be positively related to firm performance.

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Women entrepreneurs frequently find it difficult to establish a balance between work and family. Anggadwita, Luturlean, Ramadani, and Ratten found three of the most important socio-cultural environment factors affecting women entrepreneurship in the emerging economy of Indonesia as the presence of tolerance in the country's cultural diversity, cooperation, and cultural kinship.

Next, we propose the hypotheses and describe the methods and. This support is tangible i.

Hughes, Jennings, Brush, Carter, and Welteramong others, call for more studies on female entrepreneurs and their endeavors. The Chinese are known around the world for their work ethic, and when combined with their collectivist behaviors, successful family businesses are a natural outcome Tan, Chinese educational systems are embracing entrepreneurship education.

What makes family relations more multifaceted, and thus crucial to firm performance, are the shifting logic and perceptions among family members Cetindamar et al. The authors examine how work-family balance and marketing capabilities are related to Chinese women entrepreneurs' firm performance. Hughes et al.

These include lack of access to credit, lack of access to supply networks, and complex regulations Yueh, However, China has progressed since by making regulations more favorable for local businesses, implementing policy changes across nine of business regulations. Drawing on the family embeddedness perspective, findings show that both factors are positively related to firm performance. Family moral support may be considered part of family social capital, which is a special type of capital that is inherent in family relationships Cetindamar et al.

Context in women entrepreneurship has many facets, not only typical socio-cultural dimensions e. These recommendations warrant more studies concerning the drivers of entrepreneurial performance in China, particularly among women entrepreneurs.

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Most women entrepreneurs must maintain a dual presence at home and at work. Ramadani and Hoy identify how context and uniqueness matters for family businesses, an important consideration for women-owned businesses in China see Hoy and Laffranchini for a summary of seminal family business contributions.

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China has 29 million women entrepreneurs, a quarter of all entrepreneurs in China Wong, Family businesses disappeared in China after when the centrally planned economy emerged, but were reborn after Dana, Economic reforms in China have had the positive effect of improving the overall employment capabilities of households by leading to higher per capita incomes and higher consumption of goods.

Data collection took place in using personal contact and online surveys with business organizations throughout China. Family moral support gives a woman entrepreneur confidence that she can manage her family-work responsibilities, thereby increasing the chances of business growth. Second, the entrepreneurial environment has been underresearched in the Chinese context van der Zwan et al.

Conversely, Collins-Dodd, Gordon, and Smart found that women business owners who achieve work-family balance experience more positive financial outcomes than men see Jennings and Brush for a complete discussion.

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These include a new company lawa new credit registry law, and a bankruptcy law for private enterprises Due to these changes, China now ranks as 91 out of in the rankings on ease of doing business globally World Bank, In an examination of data from a national urban household survey where individuals reported being self-employed, Yueh found that entrepreneurial tendencies are crucial when women face unemployment, especially for mothers in skilled occupations. This is because of China's size, rising economic influence, and rich history and culture. Women make decisions more collaboratively with their managers than their male counterparts Yu, The author also found a lack of heterogeneity in women's social networks, which may lower their access to financing and expertise, and affect their survival rates Yu, This, in fact, may be due to their family responsibilities and time pressures, combined with a cultural lack of support for women entrepreneurs.

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Chinese women-owned firms are ificantly smaller in terms of the of employees, revenue, and profit, and this may be a result, in part, of juggling family and business responsibilities. This study begins to fill this gap. Therefore, models that have been developed for transitioning economies may not be relevant in the Chinese context van der Zwan et al.

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Work-family balance remains a central issue despite major financial and economic crises that have recently impacted the global economy O'Brien, A vast body of research exists on various problems that women entrepreneurs face in starting and growing successful ventures. Public policy recommendations, implications, and suggestions for future research are discussed.

In summary, research suggests that achieving the work-family balance by women entrepreneurs is positively related to firm performance. This is predicted to have a positive effect on family businesses, both in the of startups and the growth of existing family businesses, including women-owned businesses. Third, studies have examined macro- and meso-level factors that impact women entrepreneurship, but they have not focused on personal-level factors, and do not consider specific, gender-related contexts. The topic of this study is important for three reasons.

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However, the economic restructuring has resulted in some negative effects on women. The most popular types of business activity were direct sales Twenty-eight percent of women reported their businesses as a family business. The importance of the context in entrepreneurship studies has been highlighted in research e. Lastly, we present discussion and conclusions, including suggestions for future research.