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Also, information on getting a digital record of your COVID vaccination, requesting vaccinators come to you, and vaccinations for school or work. The of people getting their COVID vaccines is increasing in Santa Barbara County for the first time in months, and the shots are available for free at pharmacies and other providers throughout the region.

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Temporary buildings of palisade were constructed, including a chapel, living quarters for missionaries, kitchen, and storerooms.

Both buildings were tiled and plastered. Additionally, a formal cemetery was laid out at the Mission. The formal founding of Mission Santa Barbara was delayed. Note: O'Keefe describes the room as a carpenter's shop.

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The earliest buildings were believed to form a single wing of the west side of the Mission quadrangle. The building was roofed in tile, and each room provided with a door and window. The palisade around the presidio was completed by this time, and the water supply came from Mission Creek which flowed to the front gate. Serving under him were seven officers, 36 soldiers, and nine Christian Indian attendants.

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GeigerWalker and Johnson Workers continued to replace roof beams with new ones of pine on the remainder of the quadrangle. A new house 33 x 14 feet was built of poles and roofed with tile, as was a room of adobe to serve as a kitchen.

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The chapel at Santa Barbara Presidio was completed. Roof beams of pine replaced the old beams of sycamore and poplar. Note: Engelhardt translated 7 varas as only 17 feet, and applied this figure to the width of the granary and weaving room. Engelhardt ; O'Keefe Two large corrals were built of stone.

The Mission's first neophyte marriages and burials also occurred. He described the corral as feet square with a 9 feet wall. This completed the first quadrangle.

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He found the small town to be more civilized than any other of the Spanish coastal settlements he had visited. Engelhardt ; Geiger Construction at the Mission began early in the year. Note: Engelhardt described the width of the quarters as 9 feet. His company consisted of 57 men, including three sergeants, two corporals and fifty privates; fifteen of these men were stationed at San Buenaventura Mission.

Neither Engelhardt nor O'Keefe mention the construction of the pozolera. He remarked that most of the ceramic tableware used by those living at the presidio was made in England. Engelhardt ; O'Keefe A third church x 25 feet of adobe was begun, and an ading sacristy 25 x 14 feet.

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Franciscan missionaries reported the production of fanegas equivalent to bushels of wheat, barley, corn, beans, peas, and horsebeans. Note: in Egenhoff the flour room is translated to mean a mill, and O'Keefe describes it as a meal room. A room for the storage of horse and mule gear 25 x 14 feet was constructed of poles, and roofed in tile.

A new addition 69 x 8 feet was added to the missionaries' quarters, and contained two bedrooms and two studies. The Mission received its first shipment of cloth.

Engelhardt ; O'Keefe The quadrangle walls at the presidio were completed to form the enclosure and the roofs of the structures inside were finished with tiles Whitehead The former thatch-and-poles chapel was removed. They were whitewashed inside and out. Note: Engelhardt describes each room as 12 ft.

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He died the following year and was buried on San Miguel Island in January. Note: Engelhardt describes the sacristy as 26 feet Engelhardt ; O'Keefe He described an oil slick on the surface of the sea off the coast of Santa Barbara. Engelhardt ; Geiger ; Geiger ; O'Keefe Several buildings were constructed this year, all of adobes and tiles, as all buildings were after this year. A brick and tile portico was added in front of the church.

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Typhoid and pneumonia were reported at the missions. Agricultural implements at the Mission included eight crowbars, 15 pickaxes, six ploughshares, 12 plough points, five machetes, 12 sickles, 12 large heavy knives, eight ploughs, and one wooden cart. Weaving rooms were established. The four rooms begun the year were roofed with tile, as was the monjerio, and the house for the single men, which became a granary. Regarding livestock, missionaries reported 24 cows, three bulls, 19 tame oxen, 34 calves, 27 sheep, 87 goats, nine pack and saddle mules, 20 horses, 11 mares, and one stallion.

A front corridor x 8 feet facing in the direction of the presidio was built of brick pillars supporting a tile roof to protect the wing's adobe walls from southeastern storms. In addition, a new granary was built 33 x 19 feetand a place where the pozole meat and vegetable stew was made.

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The complement of the military force at the Santa Barbara Presidio included privates, two corporals, two-to-three sergeants, a second lieutenant enand a lieutenant. Comandante Ortega was relieved and transferred to Monterey. The military staff were partially self-supporting with wheat from about thirty acres sown by the soldiers to the west of the presidio. Father Paterna, the Mission's founding Franciscan, died early in the year.

Also constructed was a larger granary 85 x 19 feetand nearby a new monjerio 33 x 19 feettwo rooms of 14 x 12 feet, one to serve as a henhouse, the other a jail, all built of adobes and tile.

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GeigerBancroft The first marriage of a presidio soldier took place at the new Mission Santa Barbara on June Hilario Gimenez, a member of the guard, took Indian neophyte Juana Maria as his wife Whitehead They utilized horses and mules for transportation. A feet circumference, 8 feet high wall capped with tiles was built to enclose a kitchen garden, vineyard, and orchard.

Engelhardt ; O'Keefe Sixty-one officers and soldiers were serving at the presidio along with six other men. All structures were built of poles and roofed with grass a technique known as jacalwith the exception of the four rooms of unidentified function.

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Engelhardt ; Geiger, ; O'Keefe Note: Engelhardt describes the entrance to the granary as 29 feet Engelhardt ; Geiger ; O'Keefe France had declared war against Britain, Holland and Spain early inand had invaded Spain in Spain's coonies were aware of the possibility of invasion by the English all during these years Whitehead Each apartment was 11 x 18 feet and contained a door and moveable window.

By September, the guardhouse, sergeant's quarters and five soldiers' residences were covered with tile Whitehead No construction immediately occurred at the Mission site due to heavy, continuous rains. They were accompanied by their wives and children for a total of people living at the site Whitehead Engelhardt Four new adobe buildings were constructed this year.

Note: Engelhardt translated 75 varas as ft. The church, houses of the officers, chaplain's quarters and five soldiers' quarters were completed and in use at the presidio Whitehead Two sides of the quadrangle had been completed, a third side had been started, and a fourth side had been laid out Whitehead During the next six months, the first tiles at the Mission were made. The church was extended with walls of half adobe and roofed with tiles.

Note: Engelhardt mistakenly referred to the second church as being x 17 feet.

The top of this wall was covered with tiles. Mission fathers lived at the nearby presidio during this period. GeigerBancroft As of August 9, Goycoechea employed Chumash in the ongoing construction of the Presidio, including the fabrication of roofing tiles for three warehouses, and the cultivation of crops Whitehead They were used to erect walls for the soldiers' barracks and sergeant's quarters. Wilbur ; Whitehead ; Writers' Project, His book describing his travels, Voyage of Discovery, was first published in Geiger The third church was completed at Mission Santa Barbara and remained in use until an earthquake in An adobe wall x 44 feet was constructed around the cemetery.