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And, for many the most important question, what next? The open space effort had the unintended side effect of creating a buffer around the city, acting in tandem with the GMA to effectively inhibit development. According to Fort Collins Councilmember Ross Cunniff, the first questions Bozeman, or any growing city, should ask itself are who is benefiting from growth and who is paying for it?


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About the same time, a trio of concerned citizens created a petition to create bicycle paths — a response to increasingly congested ro. They want to label you as the bad person. A few years later, task forces related to the committee created a bullet point list of specific needs, among them constructing a new library, community center, river trail and park systems, as well as the less sexy but still necessary items such as new sewer lines and a land use plan.

Did fort collins grow too big too fast?

And for a city that has tripled its population in the last 40 years, that makes sense: Locals are trying to get their he around what happened. The smaller is just under 3 acres, with the larger at Organizational Overview: Columbia Riverkeeper Riverkeeper is a successful nonprofit organization that unites communities to fight for clean water and our climate.

The s were a difficult time for Colorado as a whole — the state experienced two separate recessionslosing almost 50, jobs in the process — but Fort Collins, insulated much like Bozeman by its university, not only dodged the worst of the storm, but continued to think about what the city would look like when the clouds cleared. Nice oaks and juniper. Describing the wedge that growth debates have driven between those in the Gallatin Valley, she says the same has happened in Fort Collins.

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Adjacent parcels above the Upper Sacramento river, near Dunsmuir. Then came the open space programs, the first iteration of which passed in in the form of a. Riverkeeper advances high-profile campaigns Forever Our Rivers Foundation is searching for a driven and creative leader to build a movement, conserving and restoring America's rivers by helping customers find High Country News, an award-winning media organization covering the communities and environment of the Western United States, seeks a part-time Customer Service Assistant, based at Country living just minutes from town!

Getting growth to pay for itself, though a popular maxim, is easier said than done. Tribal scientists and community members are testing wells, solving plumbing problems and delivering clean water to their neighbors.

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Even the elevations Fort Collins 5, Bozeman 4, are similar. Where did all these people come from? Imported bloodlines. In many ways, the city has done well — thinking and planning ahead early on, doing its best to create systems where expansion paid its way, and aiming to preserve the character and identity that made Fort Collins a desirable place to begin with.

Well socialized. There was no single catalyst.

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More important, both have attracted a steady influx of newcomers that has shaped the respective cities and posed questions about identity, economy and the future. Others point to the expansion of nearby Denver or the romanticization of the outdoors and, by extension, the West. Republish Like Tweet Print.

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Ohlson, somehow simultaneously fast-talking and thoughtful, moved to Fort Collins in to attend graduate school at CSU. He was first elected to the seven-seat City Council a decade later and served a stint as mayor a few years after that. Locals were not standing by, either.

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Fort Collins is slightly more diverse, but both cities are overwhelmingly white. If we get 10, new people, I want them to pay their fair share of what the rest of us have been paying for decades. Stanley and Ohlson are married, having met at a grassroots meeting Citizens for a Livable Larimer Countyin the early s. Ready to protect your family and property. Posted: July 19, Application deadline: August 27 or until position is filled. But more than the incentives, Ohlson takes issue with the way local governments in places like Fort Collins and Bozeman continue to sell themselves to the outside world in the face of vocal opposition from their constituents.

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Local leaders and residents did a lot right, both in terms of timing and execution, and yet the city still turned out a sprawling hodgepodge that only a few would deem an undeniable success story. You do all those things and there are still going to be growth pressures. So where does that leave Bozeman, a city well along the same path Fort Collins has already tread? Both are college towns Colorado State, like Montana State, is a land-grant university.

The colorado city’s unwieldy expansion offers a cautionary tale for similar western locales.

The GMA was a good, and necessary, response — outlining exactly how far the city could grow, while ensuring it would never become a homogeneous mass encompassing nearby Loveland and Timnath. Now all you have is 12 crowded lanes rather than four.

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Stringent building codes, codes, forward-thinking subdivision requirements and transportation plans are all well and good, Cunniff says, but at the end of the day, many of the intricacies are simply extensions of the ongoing tug of war: To grow or not to grow. For Bozeman, conservative estimates put the at roughly 20 years. Fort Collins prides itself on its tough but fair impact fees, and though residents pay less in property taxes than their Bozeman counterparts, the Colorado city has the funding advantage of a 7 percent sales tax, nearly 4 percent of which is collected by the city itself and used for everything from ro to the aforementioned open space program.

Those factors are hard to go against. Both are located in semi-arid valleys near national forests, mountain ranges and along rivers the Cache La Poudre meanders through the north side of town.

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Even then, though, residents and local officials were thinking about and planning for expansion. But when we look at who wins and who loses, the regular citizens oftentimes lose. These quandaries are made all the more difficult by the fact that many of the newcomers, migrating from much more expensive locales such as the Bay Area or New York City, can bear the increases in cost of living.

If you have a desirable place to live, your alternative is to make it more of a dump.

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Comments But whose? Work on making the community a good place to live for the people who live there now.

Cassie Carver, Communications and Outreach Associate Position Opening: www. Both are the county seat. Some cite sociological shifts that made it more acceptable for young people to leave their hometowns. In his mind, leaving critical planning documents such as the land use code up to human interpretation, rather than creating them to be strictly prescriptive, is where Fort Collins went wrong and represents an area Bozeman could learn from. Many people here speak about Fort Collins in the past tense. Whatever the reason, roughly a century after it was founded, what had been a sleepy-if-politically-active college town began to swell noticeably.

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Proven against wolves and grizzlies. Breweries galore, underground bars, old warehouses converted into hipster eateries and yoga studios — College Avenue, what serves as main street in Fort Collins, Colorado, is a long way from what its founders envisioned the area would become when it was nothing more than a tiny military outpost. The committee, Deing Tomorrow Today, reported projections for everything from housing and transportation needs to education, utilities and social services.

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As in the Gallatin Valley, there are those in Fort Collins who defend the approach the city has taken over the last 40 years. Stanley, who has roots in Montana born in Billings, her parents grew up on a acre homestead near the Beartooth Mountainsknows Bozeman well.