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That's why we're so excited to announce that we're moving the festival to 16 — 19 September We're thrilled to be able to welcome everyone to the island in September. We're aiming to bring back as many of the artists as we can but whatever happens, rest assured, you'll enjoy a stellar line-up over the festival weekend.

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To achieve this we have identified 9 key strategic aims:. The Working Group make no apologies, however, for the aspirational and challenging nature of the Strategy — we must set ourselves such goals if we are to develop a genuinely inclusive community on the Island. A clear national framework now exists :. The Group has determined to seek to address these issues by focusing upon the processes which create disadvantage rather than the symptoms.

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The Group has recognised that some people are excluded from the facilities and benefits of mainstream life either because of the way in which society makes such facilities and benefits available or because of their own life choices. The economic outlook on the Island has rarely been better — since unemployment has halved and almost jobs have been created or safeguarded. These health inequalities are a ificant social injustice.

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Further details regarding education and training policies are contained in the following plans and strategies :. Danny Fisher. Compared to national averages, the Island has only half the amount of affordable social housing it needs or, conversely, twice the level of homelessness and other housing demands it can manage.

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This exclusion extends beyond that caused simply by material deprivation and includes the absence of opportunities brought about by social circumstances and life events. The National Strategy Action Plan sets out a clear long-term goal of narrowing the gap between the most deprived communities and the rest of the country. The private rented sector is limited in size and so cannot cope with the excess in demand. This strategic plan aims to provide a cohesive blue print to continue this work and to comprehensively tackle those factors which inhibit the creation of a more inclusive society on the Island.

To promote the development of personal and family well-being in our communities. The definition of social exclusion adopted by the agencies who have developed this strategy is as follows :. Initially involving staff from all service departments, the Group has now broadened its remit to include representation from a spectrum of agencies. Social exclusion impacts upon people and communities in many different ways — it can exclude them from employment, from access to good quality affordable housing, from access to health care and from access to leisure activities.

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Final Draft. We want nothing less than a general change in the cultures of those organisations best able to bring about an inclusive society.

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The Plan describes how new policies, funding and targets together with better co-ordination and community empowerment can make the goal a reality. Whilst exclusion may often be caused by poverty, there will be individuals and communities living above the poverty line who can be socially excluded eg.

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It is no coincidence that deprivation, in terms of educational attainment, health and housing are more likely to occur in those wards that are employment and income deprived. We must ensure that the benefits of our improving prosperity are shared in by all members of our community.

In overall terms it restricts the ability of people to realise their full potential, forcing them to live in unacceptable ways with damaging consequences for the individual and for social cohesion.

Aim 1: affordable housing for all

Note : This Strategy is available in a variety of different formats large print, braille, etc if required. Realising our vision for a socially inclusive Island will require concerted action by all the partner agencies to this strategy.

Addressing social exclusion has become a key national issue. Health :.

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The Strategy developed by the Social Inclusion Working Group aims to provide an integrated policy framework through to It is ambitious and broad in scope. These are defined as wards having poor access to essential services such as a doctors surgery, post office, primary school and large shop. Similarly without just Pennsylvania of wight dating required skills and qualifications, our residents will ificantly reduce their employability with knock-on consequences for their standard and quality of lives.

Indeed, whilst much has already been achieved in tackling the issues, ificant challenges remain to be addressed. Social exclusion is a key national priority. We have an excellent track-record on the Island for developing effective responses to social exclusion. Social exclusion is also a priority issue at a regional level.

This involves a commitment not only to job and wealth creation, but a long-term commitment to improvements in the t agency planning and delivery of services for housing, health, social services, education, transport and improved community safety. I am confident that we have the skills, commitment and multi-agency support to achieve this. A of specific challenges face the Island :. In this context, the definition we have adopted seeks to capture the less tangible aspects associated with poverty such as physical and social exclusion, low morale, health inequalities, etc.

This Strategy aims to provide a co-ordinated framework which will build upon the past and ensure an integrated multi-agency approach through to The Strategy aims to support achievement of a longer term vision for the Island as follows This will require concerted action to This an ambitious agenda. National context. Put quite simply, the Isle of Wight does not share in the prosperity more generally enjoyed by its mainland neighbours. Membership of the Group is now drawn from the following agencies :. Through the work of the Unit and the 18 Policy Action Teams, the Government has developed an inter-locking series of policies and programmes to tackle the issue.

Val Anderson Michael White. Key facts and figures……. Alan Kaye.

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Responding to the recruitment needs of employers and the employment aspirations of our residents are two key aspects of the social exclusion agenda. The following section sets out a Programme of Action through which we will seek to achieve each of the above aims.

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On the Island, a range of agencies have taken the initiative to establish a multi-agency task group to develop this, our Social Inclusion Strategy. The issues…….

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In the context of. To ensure that anyone living on the Island has access to affordable housing that is appropriate to their needs. The agencies involved in this field have already achieved much in recent years. Councillor Shirley Smart. This has led to a backlog of people who are homeless in temporary accommodation.

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In particular the efficacy of this strategy will be judged by progress in the following key areas :. With the improving economic climate on the Island we now have the opportunity to effectively tackle the social exclusion agenda. The paper set out the following definition of social exclusion:.

Economic and social well-being and improved health on the Island can only be realised through a holistic approach. As a consequence many people are effectively excluded from the opportunity to live prosperous, healthy and fulfilled lives. Our action plan………. The consequences for the Island are clear. However, despite the many positive aspects of Island life, for a ificant of people the situation is not so favourable. Collectively and individually the partners to this strategy have been addressing the social exclusion agenda for many years. The Strategy aims to continue the momentum by bringing a concerted focus to the task.

Social inclusion is a broad and complex agenda - this Strategy must be viewed as part of an evolving process to ensure that all members of our community share in the growing prosperity the Island is experiencing. These are people who want to work but are unable to do so through unemployment, sickness or disability.

Evidence shows that people who are better off live longer and have fewer illnesses than those who are relatively poorer. These are the key priorities for tackling social exclusion. Without access to an appropriately skilled and qualified workforce our businesses will be unable to remain just Pennsylvania of wight dating. Working together we are confident that this Strategy provides the basis for achieving this aim.

It is this definition which has formed the guiding principle for the Group in the development of this strategy.

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The issues are particularly marked in many of the peripheral coastal parts of the region stretching from Thanet in the east around to the Isle of Wight. To tackle these issues we have developed a co-ordinated programme of actions detailed in the following matrix. The issues…….

Real change can only be delivered on the ground and in deprived areas if service providers and local communities are fully engaged in a t approach to addressing these issues. There are sound practical reasons for seeking to create a more socially inclusive society :. The key point to make arising from this definition is that social exclusion is not the same as poverty.

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Our Island status brings with it many positive benefits — it inspires a high degree of pride, it provides a wonderful base for our tourism industry and the quality of life for the majority of people is excellent. At February the Island figure was 6. This was later broadened to include representation from other key service provider agencies.

Regional context. Inas part of the Island response to this national debate, the Isle of Wight Council took the initiative to establish a project group to address the issue more formally.