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Novus, which is frequented by middle-class professionals in Puerto Rico since the s, offers online shopping, and most of their U. Natascha Otero, a Puerto Rican native and public relations consultant, has seen the community grow exponentially since she moved here 22 years ago. Florida is poised to surpass New York as the state with the largest population of Puerto Ricans, with over one million residents. The Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration says they are currently seeing around Puerto Rican families move from the island to the mainland each month.

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Competition grew by leaps and bounds. In Marchmembers of the extremist group Weather Underground set off a bomb in a bathroom on the Senate side of the Capitol, harming no one.

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It appeared that the census would be out of date by the time it was completed. Then inPuerto Rican nationalists opened fire in Congress.

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Even after Puerto Ricans became citizens inPuerto Rico has had no voting representation in Congress. A chicken salad supper at the home of Dr. John Shaw Billings is said to have led to his landmark inventions. The frowning woman in the front might even come up to you afterwards, and tell you with tears in her eyes that your message changed her life. They entered the gallery overlooking the House floor, where Congress was in session.

There were no more attacks for eighty years, until, ina former Harvard professor successfully exploded three sticks of dynamite in the Senate Reception room. History repeats itself, but not exactly. You may dazzle the audience but not the judges. Information data continued to be the IBM punched card.

They may not understand you. As a speaker, you polish your body language, your vocal variety, and all of your speaking techniques. The judges are also entitled to their opinions. Just before 11 p. As a speaker, you polish your skills.

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That set Hollerith thinking. Billings suggested that there ought to be a way to mechanize the census tabulation to save time and reduce errors. Punched cards were perceived as tedious, and were severely limited to a mere 80 characters of information.

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However, be advised that you will not connect with everyone. Expelled, a private tutor helped him, and he managed to enter Columbia College when he was just sixteen. With his equipment, clerks transcribed data from census forms to punched cards, and tabulated data twice as fast as they did with the Pidgin system, and three times faster than with the Hunt system. An officer with the U. Capitol Police, and three other people died from medical emergencies.

Contestants are lead out of the room, and given ten minutes to compose a minute speech on either topic. Aside from the occupation and subsequent burning of Washington DC by the British during the War ofthe first attempt occurred in Richard Lawrence tried, unsuccessfully, to assassinate President Andrew Jackson as he exited the building. Five Congressmen were wounded before being overtaken by visitors and police officers.

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They may base their decisions on criteria you think are ignorant or stupid. With little to no security measures in place at the Capitol, the group walked into the building with concealed handguns.

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Hollerith and Dr. Billings both were then working at the U. Census Office, so naturally they talked about the upcoming census. Some of the women involved were later arrested, and given lengthy sentences.

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The mob forced lawmakers to flee for safety, smashed windows, vandalized offices and posed for photos in the House chambers. I was the first speaker, and after hearing the others, I thought I was an easy winner.

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Capitol police had sealed off the building, and captured the attackers. One woman died after being shot by law enforcement.

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Around p. However there was more. After that first time, when one of the judges illegally confided that he had voted me as he winner, I had a brainstorm. The Hollerith system really proved itself in the real census ofobtaining two years sooner than the census. It was the end of March in when I entered a Toastmaster Contest for the first time.

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The population was growing about 25 percent a decade, to more than 60 million in Hollerith had competition from tabulating systems devised by Charles F. Pidgin and William C. The Census Office held a competition, and Hollerith won easily. During this period, business demanded more information. The truth is that many members of the audience almost always disagrees with the judges. Different periods in time and differences in circumstances allow each situation to be unique.

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Believe it or not, even though I was convinced I won, the judges thought otherwise, and I took third place. So, who are you to judge? After WWII, the computer arrived on the scene. They voted with their minds and hearts. Each contestant is handed a sealed envelope which contains two potential speech topics. President Jimmy Carter, ingranted them clemency and were freed.

The group deed their violent attack to draw attention to the cause of Puerto Rican independence. However, even though you believed that the judges awarded the prizes to the wrong contestants, who are you to judge? Their tastes in humor, preferences in topics, and understanding your messages are governed by generational trends, cultural norms, and personal style. The most serious terrorist attack took place in when a group of women split from the group to form the M19 the May 19th Communist Organization.

Fortunately, the area was deserted.

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Once there, he despised spelling, enough to jump out a grade-school window to escape it. Inan unusual child was born in Buffalo, NY. His parents move to New York City, where he entered the educational system. That punched card could hold 80 characters of information, although the alphabet was all upper case. One man held the Confederate battle flag next a portrait of John Calhoun, the seventh vice president, who was a firm defender of slavery.

They may not know how to give an informed evaluation.

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He graduated three years later as a mining engineer, with low marks in bookkeeping and machines. Yet, the judges did not react the same way.

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It was the Advanced Speech Contest, and is still my favorite. Who Are You to Judge? Five years of patient work enabled him to file for a patent in Meanwhile, the Census Office was limping through the final stages of manually tabulating the census. Nevertheless, he managed to acquire good cigars, fine wine, Guernsey cows, and quite a bit of money, He was noted for his dislike of property taxes, and salesmen.

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Still, these are the judges, not you. The group of four fired indiscriminately at lawmakers from the gallery. Hundreds of companies, saw the computer market as a way to grow. They decide who the winner was.

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His name was Herman Hollerith. They were subsequently tried and sentenced to federal prison with sentences ranging from 16 to 75 years. It was nearly ten times greater than the predicted savings. You hope that your choice of topic, and your presentation will prove to be overwhelming.