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Reuse this content. His point is simple: establishing a state park could fund and amplify conservation efforts.

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Yet, dotted along a nearby shoreline are s that suggest he should be. A study found that tree loss in the Pacific north-west can even negatively affect the climate in the eastern US. Old-growth forests act as carbon sinks, meaning they sequester and store carbon emissions, steadily accumulating carbon for centuries.

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Everyone has since moved to higher ground, but the waterlogged shells of a few broken homes remain. What we can learn from a 2,year-old bald cypress may help piece together how humanity can best mitigate and adapt to the unprecedented impacts of the climate crisis. Environmental archaeologist Katharine Napora analyzed deceased eastern bald cypress trees along the Georgia coast, ranging from 65 to 1, years old, whose preserved remains date back to BCE.

Solutions to fortifying wetlands and preserving old-growth forests, beyond curbing emissions, include creating living shorelines that act as a buffer for ecosystems from storm surges, sustainably harvesting coastal resources, lobbying for stricter regulations on companies emitting pollutants into the environment and even introducing marsh plants that double as salination sponges.

At 76, Horrell has called Ivanhoe, a rural town off the Black River, home his entire life. Ayurella Horn-Muller. There were some people who were open to it, maybe in favor of it, but not against it.

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Across the coastal wetlands of North Carolina, a new study found that climate change-driven sea level rise and saltwater intrusion have been killing large swaths of trees. If they die, that carbon is released back into the atmosphere, creating a vicious cycle that further perpetuates climate change.

After coring hundreds of old trees, he identified the 2, -year-old cypress — nearly a thousand years older than Methuselah. This trip would lead him farther into the Black River, to the Three Sisters swamp. But climate change is a dangerous foe.

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The lowest-lying side was inundated with up to 36 inches of rain and record floods. The oldest tree in eastern US survived millennia — but rising seas could kill it. Photograph: Charlie Peek. Forest loss even translates to the disappearance of natural coastal barriers during storms. A little over six feet of elevation stands between the oldest-known cypress and the Atlantic Ocean.

Stahle and his team have since continued their Black River research, reconstructing rainfall patterns and mapping the ancient forest.

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Ina legislative motion for a Black River state park, intended to boost tourism, caused an uproar. Some believe that question can be answered by using thousand-year-old windows into the past. Sun 1 Aug Topics Trees and forests Climate change features. The following year, the North Carolina parks and recreation division recommended the state not move forward after four town halls and a petition made up of 1, atures communicated the same message: those living closest to the Black River were overwhelmingly opposed.

McIver says the conservancy protects the ancient trees by acquiring the land surrounding them, which then minimizes human activity. If these ancient trees could talk, they might wail a warning — a message about the coalescing threats to their continued survival.

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She compares the loss of old-growth forests to the burning of the Library of Alexandria, one of the greatest archives of all time. Environment Climate change Wildlife Energy Pollution. Trees and forests. The time we first heard about it, they were saying they were over 2, years old. When trees die, entire ecosystems are disrupted. Two years later, Hurricane Florence swept through, leaving a submerged town in its wake.

Pederson is one of the researchers behind a study that found that increasing drought conditions and extreme events of the past — which led to unusually high tree mortality rates — could be a forecast for the future. Conservationists like Moore agree with the protesting community.

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The world lost more than a third of its old-growth forests from to His prediction is supported by the years of recently documented increases in the mortality of older trees, which researchers are identifying across the globe. The Nature Conservancy has invested in the preservation of the Black River since Today, the nonprofit, alongside state conservation agencies and the NC Coastal Land Trust, owns 17, acres along the mile Black River and its upstream tributaries, including the Three Sisters swamp.

But Hervey McIver, a land protection specialist at the North Carolina chapter of the Nature Conservancy, attended those state park meetings to garner community support for the initiative. Intensifying heatwaves, storms, flooding and droughts compound with warming temperatures to produce problems for plant growth, resilience and reproduction.

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It would take another quarter of a century for Stahle to return to the site, a maze-like waterway navigable only by small watercraft.