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Las Vegas has many things to commend it as a place to life; low cost of living, great weather and an entertainment district that never sleeps. And, with hundreds of thousands of new and regular visitors hitting the city every week, there should be plenty of opportunities for singles to hook up; particularly as many of these tourists are heading to Las Vegas for a party. In this feature, we take a look at some of the stats and demographics of the population of Las Vegas and consider the pros and cons to being single in Sin City. The truth is that beyond the garish lights of the strip are real homes, communities and the daily grind of lives being lived like in any other city.

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Keep an eye out for the original jail cell posted up out back, which was originally accessed via the second floor of the courthouse.

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So much prosperity stemmed from Pioche that it became the county seat by and construction of a courthouse began. Keep on the lookout for a natural occurring tunnel. Pioche had the reputation of being one of the dowdiest towns in the Old West. This park, like many others in this relatively unexplored—yet thrilling—chunk of southeastern Nevada, is flipping cool. I beg you to be brief, I beg you to be respectful. Who could go wrong with pizza and beer? Pioche is a prime example.

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Ever heard of a town called Tombstone? Hollywood hype. Count on seeing buff-colored slot canyons, dramatic spires and even a few natural tunnels at Cathedral Gorgethe grand combination of which [in geo-speak] is called an alluvial shelf: a landform created by deposited clay sediment over a long period of time. Not too shabby, right? I am the first one to go all in on some flashy Midtown-meanderingFremont-exploring kinds of fun. And I promise you, it gets better. Bottoms up! Or maybe Deadwood? Sneaky, sneaky.

Most places have the same collection of things: super cool outdoor adventure experiences, a solid dose of history and some sort of meal or dining experience you can go home and tell your friends about.

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Way better. But be prepared: the downtown is CUTE. The place was remote, even for its time, but the fact that its mines were cranking out hard-to-imagine wealth was all it needed to grab the attention of a whole slew of miners and socialites… for a time, it was the next big deal.

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Get Inspired Related Stories. And, of all the road trips you might find yourself dabbling in, the Great Basin Highway is totally stunning. Visit Website. Historical Interests Pioneer Graffiti.

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I hate to break the hearts of those Wild West zealots out there, but Pioche had those babies beat … and not just by a little. You can totally weasel your way back into the slot canyons all the way back. And the best part about it? There is also an impressive preponderance of water in the park and some of the best camping in the region. Or the Thompson Opera House, built in and still standing tall-ish over downtown Pioche today. Officials had no choice but to finance it—and at an ungodly rate to boot.

BUT a trip to Spring Valley will change that tune pretty dang quick. But guess what?

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Built by the Pioche Mines Company in the s, this aerial tramway carried ore from the mines, down Treasure Hill, eventually delivering its paylo to the Godbe Mill at the base of town. With 78 saloons and a population of only 6, you might say it was completely standard for arguments to escalate in gunfight.

As you know from Spring Valley, early explorers and pioneers densely populated the area. The ag industry continues to be a key driver in the local economy around these parts, thanks in large part to the Eagle Valley Dam, constructed in within Spring Valley.

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Sandwiched between both parks is one massive unrevealed treasure: a wall of what I refer to as some seriously cool Pioneer Graffiti. Lock that one in your noggin, grab a State Parks Passport and hightail it to another gem in the area: the delicious Spring Valley State Park.

Yeah, consider Pioche your launchpad for a southeastern Nevada State Parks exploratory mission. Throw your rig into park and walk everywhere throughout the downtown.

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Geographically speaking, the Silver State is bigger than all of of England…driving is a prerequisite when it comes to enjoying this amazing place, but each journey is so satisfyingly worth it. But there is also a time and a place for some backcountry bar hopping, and the fact of the matter is Pioche is the greatest tavern territory within a miles. The white, soft underbelly of the entire route cradles the quiet, usually unnoticed community of Pioche—presenting the perfect opportunity to really see all this amazing town promises.

Today, the original building stands [so cool!

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It was an ingenious operation; the weight of the ore in the buckets headed to the mill was enough to pull the empty buckets all the way back up the hill although, just in case, it had a 5-horsepower backup motor. Coyote, Road Runner hankerings, but then evolves into some seriously majestic wide open basins as far as the eye can see, eventually thrusting its way up to 13k feet. Polish off this already foolproof journey by staying in a tangible piece of history in one of the luxuriously-themed hotel rooms upstairs. Thousands flocked to the area, and so did plenty of bandits, looking to get their hands on a cut.

That and some Pioche institutions, like the Mountain View Motel—built in —which is said to have hosted Herbert Hoover during the s. Not in Pioche… at least, not before another leading cause.

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The bad news: by the time they had this thing dialed in, most of the mines had dried up, leaving this beaut just shy of a decade to do its duty. Ever been to Pioche? Some of those ranches, dating all the way back to the s, fall within modern day park boundaries, so be sure to swing by and see some super cool relics. But the abandoned tramway and authentic ore buckets still dangle over Pioche today and are worth a photo op, to say the very least.

Either way, a visit to Echo Canyon is an easy, euphoric day trip from Pioche. Geologically, the thing is unquestionably cool, but if you want to see a kit fox [AND I DO] this is the hideout rangers have spotted these babies in.

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In the beginning, Pioche was no different than most Nevada towns. Simply the baddest of the bad. Unimaginable wealth, of course. OK, so we definitely already touched on the fact that Pioche was this amazing mining town in the s.

I hope you brought your DSLR and tripod because the night scene in this beauty of a locale is certainly worth a 30 second shutter. What separates Nevada in the fullest sense is one small detail with a great big bang: the people. Let me just start here: of all the backroad secrets that exist in Nevada [and trust me, they abound ] this little ditty is truly in the top five.

Here there are no gimmicks, tours or anything staged in any sense… instead, a whole heckuva lot of real-deal history remains. Remember that part about Pioche being next to Cathedral Gorge and oh… four other parks?

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Yeah, those super iconic rough-and-tumble towns? The ticket? Interestingly enough, long before this area was a state park, a local family hosted a series of Shakespearean plays within the modern-day park boundaries, using these dramatic peachy formations as a backdrop. To compare, Tombstone had three.

But drink in some amazing pockets of history left on an amazing, seemingly untouched rock wall betwixt these two parks. The most important part, eh? Fish by boat from the lake, or post up on shore in the canyon under some really pretty bridges. The massive cherry wood Brunswick bar counter you see today was reconstructed after being housed in a bank, and relocated to the Overland from Kimberly, NV [now an uninhabited ghost town].

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Headed to Nevada? You could leave park boundaries the way you came in, go back out to the highway and make your way into the main entrance of Echo Canyon State Park. Oooooryou could just follow the main road in Spring Valley, take it past the historic ranch buildings, through a tiny sliver of accessible private property, and enter Echo Canyon through the back.

And what comes along with a massively successful mining community?

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All three of these saloons come stocked with convection ovens and ready-to-make pizzas. The first thing you need to do when arriving in Pioche?