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Countywide Vision.

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Ultimately, we were able to get his case reduced to a misdemeanor and no county jail time. He was able to pin-point several mistakes made by the officers. Attorney McDonald fought the district attorney tooth and nail on every issue. The client was charged with felony child abduction during a custody dispute. The jury deadlocked in favor of acquittal and the district attorney opted not to retry to the case.

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The state's pathologist agreed with the defense, and upon further review, the district attorney dismissed the case. The defendant was charged with violation of Penal Code section fdisorderly conduct. Following a 4 week trial, the jury found the client guilty of manslaughter. In most cases, this is the best avenue to take. The attack on the inmate began when the inmate complained of a muscle spasm and sat down on the ground to recover. The accused came to us prior to the district attorney filing charges.

DA dismissed the case. Our attacks on the wiretap evidence led to the case settling for 7 months in county jail rather than the 25 years in prison the prosecutor had sought. After two court appearances Mr. McDonald got the entire case dismissed! Employing the provisions of Prop.

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Inmate accused of striking a correctional officer with a baton that the inmate had taken from the officer during a struggle. There is a small window between the arrest and the filing of the complaint. The alleged victim was his sister. We got him released from jail pending the settlement of his case on condition that he would wear a SCRAM bracelet to detect alcohol consumption. McDonald gathered all the evidence necessary to show that our client was innocent and was successful!

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The case involved an uncover officer who presented himself as a medical marijuana patient. He presented a medical marijuana, collective defense, and had maintained sufficient paperwork that the jury decided his whole operation was legal.

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Client, a combat veteran suffering from PTSD, was accused of false imprisonment and criminal threats. She faced life in prison.

Client was cultivating plants in a very sophisticated hydroponic grow. Defendant possessed kilos of cocaine and was caught following a wiretap operation involving numerous co-conspirators. There, he received treatment through the VA and succeeded in having all charges dismissed. Client was charged with felony DUI causing serious injury after a collision.

The case went to trial before a jury with the defense theory that the officer, unprovoked, had been clubbing the inmate who was already lying prone on the ground.

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It is during this time period that our office is able to present additional evidence to the district attorney in hopes of persuading the DA not to file charges. Client charged with possession for sale of 20 lbs.

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The district attorney made assertions that the defendant violated Proposition thereby filing the two felony count complaint. He had prior felony convictions. He was supplying 9 marijuana dispensaries, until police raided and literally destroyed his entire operation. Assault with a deadly weapon on a correctional officer. The client has since obtained a very good job.

We were able to convince the DA that our client did, in fact, have legal rights to custody at the time he was arrested and charged.

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Before a jury, we presented evidence that sudden front tire blow-out made the collision unavoidable. In one appearance the case was dismissed! The motion was granted and the evidence was not able to be presented at trial. He was charged with conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute. The defendant was charged with multiple violation of California Vehicle code sections.

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After 8 months of actual testimony, and closing arguments, the jury returned verdicts of not guilty on all counts in the indictment after less than five hours of deliberation. The child was hit and killed the whole walking on a sidewalk. Client was arrested following a series of DEA wiretaps and in possession of more than Kilos of cocaine.

He was looking at more than 25 years when we first began to represent him in court. Following numerous motions attacking search warrants, we succeeded in getting the client probation rather than the 15 years in prison he faced. He had a separate pending DUI charge at the time. He promised justice for the poeple of San Bernardino County, and justice was served! The inmate, afraid he would be killed, wrestled the baton from the officer and swung it at him, causing the officer to back away.

Governor Jerry Brown took to the podium when this prosecution first began in and declared the case the biggest corruption case in California History.

Our notable case

The client is happy this horrible ordeal is behind her. We were successful. Client was charged with cultivation and possession for sale.

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Client charged with first degree murder with special circumstances of lying in wait, exposing her to life without parole. The case was rejected by the district attorney.

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Amazingly, we got her probation and released from custody. We convinced the judge to allow the minor to complete a series of character-building classes in exchange for a dismissal of the charge. This defendant was charged with a misdemeanor 2.

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Konich was charged with inflicting great bodily injury onresulting in death. Negotiation with the District Attorney resulted in the client receiving a short county jail sentence and post-release supervision. McDonald petitioned the court pursuant to Now the client can seek out employment without having to admit that he has ever been in trouble with the law.

We hired a renowned neuropathologist who after examining slides from the infant's brain samples, concluded that the death was not the result of intentional trauma. After lengthy back and forth negotiations, the District Attorney agreed to dismiss the case entirely after becoming convinced that a bipolar episode was the reason for the attack.

She was able to show at trial that she had killed her husband in response to decades of domestic, physical abuse, and death threats.

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Gross Vehicular Manslaughter involving the death of. The defendant was charged with one felony count of violation of Health and Safety code sectionPossession for Marijuana for Sale, and one count of violation of Health and Safety code violation of a Selling and furnishing hashish marijuana. Client was charged as one of nine defendants in large cocaine trafficking operation, where wiretaps and numerous informants were utilized. The defendant sought and obtained mental health treatment is on medication to control potential outbursts.

After that, we succeeded in getting his misdemeanor dismissed per Penal Code Section More thans of investigation reports. The client was charged with discharge of a firearm at an inhabited dwelling, a serious felony. Our cross-examination of prosecution witnesses was so effective that the defense did not need to present a single witness. The defendant suffered a wrongful arrest of defrauding an innkeeper, violation of Penal Code section Sadly, innocent people get arrested.

We succeeded on having cocaine and ecstasy charges dismissed and proceeded to have his arrest record sealed so that nothing would appear in an employment background check and jeopardize his job search or career advancement.

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Her future would have been destroyed if this charge resulted in a conviction. Client had an old felony embezzlement case that had been dismissed 11 years earlier. Juvenile client arrested for sale of marijuana on school grounds. Rather, the cause of death was a blot clot originating from atypical circulatory paths in the brain, occurring naturally in the child. Defendant was charged with Assault causing Great Bodily Injury.